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Le Bar de Madame

A DJ, accompanied by performers, signature cocktails, a menu to taste at your fingertips signed by L’Ami Jean, “Madame” Secret Bar becomes your new sexy meeting place in Courchevel for convivial, festive and foodie moments!

Complimentary chauffeur-driven car service for non-resident guests.

Opening hours: from 05.00pm until 00.00am.

Bar Menu


La Table de Madame signed by L’ami Jean



A warm and friendly welcome is part of the Alpine traditions but even more from La Sivoliere DNA, this large chalet where we have the pleasure to welcome you every winter.

La Table de Madame is becoming your new sharing place and open its door to a very well-known guest in the gastronomy, Chef Stéphane Jégo and his restaurant L’Ami Jean in Paris.


Dinner a la carte menu

OPENING HOURS FOR LUNCH: 12.00pm – 02.00pm

Lunch a la carte menu

Valentine’s Day Menu 

L’Ami Jean offers a creative cuisine, sometimes deliciously regressive, and always out of the classical style or the trends. Calling on memories, inspired by the craftsmen, a product, it’s the right taste and the search of emotion that prevails.

There is also no space for pompous appellations, he goes straight to the point, the product is enhanced in each of the recipes by a gentle roast, a home-made broth, a curing, a specific cutting…

Chef Stéphane Jégo, who defines himself as “a musician of the saucepan”, sets the menu played by Vivien Weissenbacher to music, reinterprets the classics, lightens the sauces, revisits the soups of our grandmothers, without forgetting to season it with friendliness.

The union between La Table de Madame and L’Ami Jean promises you delicious, generous, and comforting moments after a day on the ski slopes, all in a good mood.

You will discover sharing dishes, childhood memories that will make your mouth water, without forgetting some local products.

And because there are no constraints on vacation, you can also enjoy the cuisine of L’Ami Jean at Le Bar de Madame for a more informal dinner or on the go.

Welcome to La Table de Madame signed by L’ami Jean.






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Afternoon Tea Time


Back from the slopes, next to the bar fireplace or served in your rooms, tea time is offered everyday from 3.30pm until 05.30pm.

A cup of tea or or hot chocolate to warm you up, a homemade crepe or waffle, or even candies for the youngest ones, make up your preferred snack.

For the eldest ones, brighten your tea time up with a glass of Champagne.




Opening hours: 7:30 am – 10:30 am

Get your day off to a tasty start with La Sivolière’s buffet. From citrus fruit cups to our delicious home-made chocolate and pistachio cakes, our colourful selection offers plenty of reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

Enjoy the rich flavour of raw honey from our mountainside meadows, or sample organic jams from our partner farm over a stack of pancakes or a slice of good bread. There are plenty of delicious options for those who prefer a savoury breakfast as well, including cheeses from local producer Bernard Chardon.

Discover exceptional tastes and get ready for a thrilling day with friends and family over breakfast from La Sivolière’s buffet.

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