Courchevel 1850 - Guaranteed snow Courchevel Hotel

La Sivolière

Guaranteed snow

The 3 Valleys offer the luxury of guaranteed snow cover from the beginning of December to the end of April thanks to:

A medium-high altitude
The 3 Valleys slopes are situated at altitudes between 1300 m and 3230 m with 85% of the ski area above 1800 m, 25 accessible summits (including 10 above 2500 m) and 4 equipped glaciers.

Outstanding equipment
We have a total of 2100 snow cannons which cover 50% of the 3 Valleys ski area.

A generous natural environment
Most of the runs are north-facing which naturally guarantees a better quality of snow and its conservation. Moreover, and unlike many other ski areas which are connected by runs at the bottom of the valley where the snow cover is often uncertain, the 3 Valley resorts are connected over the ridges at altitudes above 2000 m.