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Beauty by nature

True to its ecological approach, La Sivolière is working with Odacité and its entirely natural face care range. Our specialists will be able to advise you and personalise your Rejuvenate, Detox or Brighten treatment.

By choosing the right Gua Sha crystal and selecting the best concentrated serums with active ingredients, we can create a personalised treatment that is perfectly suited to your particular skin. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, the Gua Sha face massage works on the lymphatic system, blood circulation and energies.
The treatments act on the skin deep down: combining the power of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins from plant extracts with the benefits of aromatherapy, traditional medicine and the vibrational power of the crystals.

Your skin will be plumped up, firmer and intensely moisturised, with a brighter complexion, lightened dark circles and a true feeling of wellbeing.
Targeting the eye area in particular, the Mirror to the Soul treatment purifies, nourishes and stimulates the eye contour.

Discover all our Odacité facials: :
• Rejuvenation facial
• Detox facial
• Brighten facial
• Mirror to the Soul eye counter treatment
• Men’s Gua Sha face massage
• Express revitalising Gua Sha face massage
• Post body massage facial

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Savour a moment just for you

There is nothing better than a good massage for recuperating between two days on the slopes. Whether you prefer relaxation, sports, deep tissue or California-style techniques, La Sivolière’s spa uses techniques from around the world to offer a complete range of massages that can be adapted to suit you.

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Tell us the areas where you are feeling tension, how much pressure you like and the rhythm you prefer so we can customise your moment of well-being. Our Good Day Skiing package is specially designed for your stay at the Courchevel 1850 resort.

Before putting on your skis, head to your warm-up massage that includes a 30-minute rub-down and a warm-up session to activate blood circulation and prepare your legs.

Once back from the slopes, the muscle recovery massage will get you back in shape for your next day out on the snow.



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Get a fresh start

At Temple of Beauty, we uncover the Venus or Apollo hidden under your ski suit and giant sunglasses. You can enjoy classic treatments from your beauty salon – from hair removal to semi-permanent nail polish – at La Sivolière spa’s salon.

A pedicure will do you a world of good after a day on the slopes. And why not pamper yourself from head to toe by adding fingernail and eyebrow treatments from our experienced team? You will look your best for dinner at 1850 Be Organic or an evening out at Courchevel 1850.

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